Invalid Attack

  • ECC: Elliptic Curve Cryptography, ECC-256:256 bit ECC
  • Public-key cryptography has moved from RSA-2048 to ECC-256.
  • ECC-256 is tens of thousands of times stronger than RSA-2048.
  • Decoding ECC-256 takes 10,000 trillion years with a supercomputer.
  • ECC encryption does not use coefficient b.
  • Check whether the curve is correct separately.
  • ECC-256 is easily deciphered by the Invalid Curve Attack.
  • ECC-256 can be decoded by the following with my PC (4Ghz).
  • Decoding in 90 seconds on average with the ρ method.
  • Learning λ method can be decrypted in 0.01 seconds on average.

Applying the learning λ method to Invalid Curve Attack

Current ECC and Attack

Example of Attack