Rho method

python Rho program

  • Works on windows10 (64-bit) python V3 and above.
  • Right-click on Rho and store it as is. It is Rho.txt
  • Replaced inport in Rho.txt with import (first 2 outside #)
  • Changed Rho.txt file to Rho.py (Posting restrictions)
  • Download one input example. Renamed to in.txt
  • Launch a command prompt and locate it in the folder with Rho.py
  • Type “python Rho.py” to get started.

Input Data

  • Input example (30,40,50,60 bits, 50 bits are 2 examples
  • File name needs to be changed to “in.txt”.
  • Give two values in each row in decimal.
  • Input comment after # in the input example

output data

  • Output example corresponding to each input.
  • The output file is out.txt
  • When the number of iterations exceeds 1 million, it is output to the screen in 1M units.